Pigmentation using Picosure!

The Picosure focus lens array specialises in triggering a ‘LIOB’ (light induced optical breakdown), targeting:

·      Smile lines

·      Crow’s feet 

·      Lipstick lines 

·      Smoker lines 

·      Frown lines 

·      Uneven skin tone 

·      Sunspots 

·      Age (liver) spots

·      Dull skin

·      Benign pigmented lesions 

Q. Do I need a skin check prior to treating pigmentation? 

A. YES – We have the benefit of having doctors on-site. Upon your consultation, we will book you in for a skin check with one of our skilled GP’s. If they have no concerns we will then proceed with the treatment. 


Hyper-pigmentation is characterised by the darkening of the skin that can be localised to a small patch or widespread over the body in more rare circumstances. Hyper-pigmentation is a build-up/overproduction of the skin pigment  melanin that can be caused by several factors and are often medically harmless, although, some hyper-pigmentation occurrences can be linked to a potentially harmful medical condition. Our medical team will always determine the type of hyper-pigmentation a patient is experiencing prior to any cosmetic treatment to ensure no further medical action is required.

Our Picosure laser is approved to treat a variety of pigmented lesions by the USA’s FDA and is the best available technology in the industry as it requires fewer treatments than previous pigment removal methods and causes less discomfort to the patient.

The Focus lens is a fantastic, non-invasive way to reignite a youthful complexion.

The laser works by targeting the melanin within the skin which absorbs the light and is brought up to the surface, without harming the surrounding tissue, where it then fades away leaving a more even skin tone. Depending on the degree of pigmentation, you will generally need 3 – 6 treatment sessions at 2 – 4 weekly intervals to achieve optimal results. After your pigmentation reduction treatments are complete, we can offer an ‘all over’ rejuvenation treatment to brighten and refresh the entire area.

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