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Picosure Pore Reduction 

Tightens and shrinks pores after 1 treatment!

The Picosure Focus Lens Array is a fantastic, non-invasive pore-reduction treatment. The focus lens array uniquely distributes and delivers Picosure’s laser energy. High intensity energy creates the formation of LIOB’s (light induced optical breakdowns) creating a pressurewave and initiates the epidermal repair mechanism resulting in dermal remodeling. This stimulates new collagen and elastin production – creating a more youthful-looking you!  

The benefits of the Picosure FOCUS pore treatment is that clients can focus on certain areas where pores are more enlarged. Reducing the size of larger pores (seen more usually in the T-zone) helps even out the skins overall appearance, helps foundation sit smoother on the skin and leaves the skin looking fresher, tighter and healthier. 

Unlike other cosmetic/beauty treatments that involve pain, swelling and, at times, bleeding, the Picosure FOCUS lens array is a painless and comfortable treatment. Many clients call it “the lunchtime treatment”. The average downtime is usually no more than 1 hour and the skin will already begin to feel tighter and appear healthier without having that flushed look. 

Pore reduction treatments start from $99!

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