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PicoSure Laser Skin Pigmentation Treatment Gold Coast

How can PicoSure help my pigment?

PicoSure laser pigmentation treatments target sun-damaged skin, age spots, sun-spots, uneven skin tone and freckles.

PicoSure can simply reduce or eliminate pigmentation by shattering the pigment into smaller fragments. These broken fragments will either exfoliate off the surface or be flushed out through the lymphatic system. The technician will advise if requires a doctors letter prior to treatment. 

What does the laser feel like?

The PicoSure laser feels like a warm flick with a rubber band. It’s very bearable and most clients find their pain ranking 2/10. You can apply a numbing cream such as Emla or Numit 30 mins prior. An average sessions for facial depigmentation takes 15-20 minutes. 

Will you need a doctors certificate?

Yes, you require a doctors letter/certificate/written approval before we laser your pigmentation, especially if you’ve had suspicious lesions in the past or any history of malignant lesions. 

How does the laser work on my pigment?

The laser ruptures the pigment into fragments which is then drained out by the lymph system. Superficial pigment usually removes easier than deeper pigment. Initially the pigment frosts, going a white/beige colour. This is only temporary and usually subsides within an hour. 

After my treatments…

You may need to come back yearly for touch-up treatments to eliminate any new sun spots that may arise. In Queensland, it’s nearly impossible to have zero sun exposure. Our UV ray is too harsh. You should always wear SPF 50+ between treatments to get the absolute best results. We always recommend wearing a 50+ sunscreen even after your final treatment to protect the skin. 

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How to prepare for my PicoSure treatment

  • On the day, ensure you come fresh-faced with no or minimal makeup
  • You must wait 2 weeks after having botox or Dysport and 6 weeks after having dermal filler before we can do the treatment
  • Wait 2 weeks after having had any harsh facials e.g. microdermabrasion, peels, strong exfoliants
  • You can apply a numbing cream prior to your appointment. Most clients who choose to wear a numbing cream use Emla or Numit 5%. Talk to your pharmacist about what’s best for you
  • Please remove any fake tan
  • Avoid direct sun exposure before and after your treatments, this will help keep the skin healthy during treatments
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