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Tattoo Removal FAQ

There is a level of pain involved in tattoo removal. The feeling is similar to a flick of a hot rubber band. You can apply numbing cream 1 hour prior to treatment and this helps greatly. You can find weaker numbing creams at chemists or see your GP for a stronger one (highly recommended for sensitive areas). We also use a zimmer (cooling) machine to help numb the area.
This depends on the age of the tattoo, the location on the body, your overall health and the ink density (or colour) in the tattoo.
Yes. It's recommended to wait 3 months before getting another tattoo over the top. Some clients lighten their tattoos through 2 or 3 sessions, just enough to cover them with other tattoos.
Yes! Our laser works great on coloured ink. It targets all cool colours (green, purple, blue) and it uses a separate lens to target sunset colours (e.g. red, orange, yellow).
Yes of course we do! Contact us today to organise a package.
After about 6 weeks you should begin to see the ink fading. The longer you leave it the more ink clearance you'll notice. Although, we understand you don't want to wait forever to get your tattoo removed so we recommend coming in every 6 weeks for a session.
Blistering is rare, but can happen. Each person varies as to whether they'll blister. Any tattoo removal on the extremities (e.g. arms or legs) is more likely to blister so keep the area elevated as much as possible. Apply Vaseline or paw paw to the treated area and a cool ice pack.
Yes. You may bring 1 additional person to your appointment for support.
Check out our before-care page. Do not apply fake tan to the treatment area, expose the treatment area to sun, or apply any creams or ointments (except numbing creams) prior to treatment. If needed, please shave the treatment area 12 hours prior to your appointment,
Numbing cream: We recommend "numit" or "emla" which are both over-the-counter numbing creams ranging from $11-$30. We don't sell numbing agents in the clinic. If you are highly sensitive to pain you can see your GP prior to your treatment and get a prescription topical numbing cream (stronger than any over-the-counter creams). With the use of the zimmer cooling machine our clients find the treatments less painful. Applying numbing cream: Only YOU, a doctor or a registered nurse are legally able to apply a numbing cream. Any beauticians, beauty therapists or laser "specialists" are NOT allowed to apply a numbing cream (either prescriptions or over-the-counter), they're breaking the law and in breach of their licence if they apply any numbing cream. Always ask a pharmacist or doctor before applying any numbing cream. For more info on numbing agents click the link below: https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/all/prevention/beauty-therapy/risks
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