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Each person is different and their pigment varies. We like to figure out the source of pigment prior to treating. For example, if your pigment is triggered by a hormonal imbalance then laser will not treat the root of the issue. Age, health, background etc are all factors that contribute to the process.
You must wait 2 weeks after getting botox/dysport and 6 weeks after getting dermal filler (if it's within the area being treated).
Each person varies. On average it takes 4-6 treatments to see results.
Yes. When the laser hits the pigment, the pigment absorbs the light and expands under the skin. This can make it look darker from the surface. After a few weeks (and perhaps another session) the pigment will fracture and break off into small fragment that either exfoliate off the surface or filter out through your lymph system.
No, because the fragmented pigment drains out through the lymph system.
The lens we use for rejuvenation/pigment has a low pain level. It's similar to a quick flicking feeling and most clients find it easily bearable. We use a cooling machine before, during and after the treatment process to help keep you comfortable. You can also apply a numbing cream 1 hour before your treatment.
YES. We have the benefit of having doctors on-site to do skin checks. Prior to your appointment we'll book you in with one of our doctors to perform a 10-15 minute skin check. If there are no concerns we will go ahead with the treatment!
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