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Pore Reduction and Acne Scar Treatment Gold Coast

What is Acne Scarring?

Scarring caused by trauma to the skin, specifically lesions caused by acne, can cause a lot of distress to the person inflicted. They may be medically harmless but such scarring is often a major factor in reduced body confidence. As with acne, scarring can occur all over the body but is most common on the face where the skin is the most sensitive and has larger pores.  

Laser technology has revolutionised acne scar reduction and our Picosure laser is the best of the best when it comes to medical-grade laser equipment – providing patients with amazing results in fewer treatments and with less discomfort than other laser treatments available.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Point Laser offers affordable acne scar treatment on the Gold Coast using the PicoSure Focus Lens Array. Starting from $99, book in today for your free, no-obligation consultation or contact us.

How does Picosure technology work?

Acne scars, however unwelcome, are the result of the body’s natural healing process. When a pimple or pustule is burst, damaging the tissue, the body reacts by filling the damaged skin with collagen which then leaves the mass of raised tissue – a scar.

The Picosure laser targets this build-up of collagen within the skin and breaks it apart with ultra-short pulses of pressure, allowing the body to re-absorb the excess and eliminate it. The skin will then produce more collagen and elastin in a more even manner, resulting in a smooth texture and even tone.

Pore Reduction

Tightens and shrinks pores after 1 treatment!

The Picosure Focus Lens Array is a fantastic, non-invasive acne scar and pore-reduction treatment.

The focus lens array uniquely redistributes and delivers Picosures’ laser energy. High-intensity energy creates the formation of LIOB’s (light-induced optical breakdowns) creating a pressure wave and initiates the epidermal repair mechanism resulting in dermal remodelling.

This stimulates new collagen and elastin production – creating a more youthful-looking you! Our clients love the results they see after just 1 treatment – Pores are instantly tighter, foundation sits smoother on the skin and your overall complexion is softer, tighter and cleaner. With treatments starting at just $50 you can guarantee to feel more confident in your own skin!

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