Who can you trust to perform your cosmetic tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoos are vastly growing in popularity on the Gold Coast. The purpose of these treatments has always been to enhance your already-beautiful features. Whether it be giving your brows more shape, lining your lips to create a luscious shape, or even adding cosmetic freckles or moles to give you the Marilyn Monroe look. The thought of throwing away your brow pencil or eyeliner and saving time each morning is worth the small price. Due to the large surge in its popularity, the cosmetic tattoo industry has peppered the Gold Coast with independent salons opening up from Broadbeach all the way to Pimpama. Unfortunately, this can mean anyone (trained or not!) can perform such treatments. As a cosmetic laser tattoo removalist, I have seen it all! From uneven and wonky eyebrows, to eyebrows so square not even my year 9 algebra teacher could achieve.

So, a lot of women come to me with botched eyebrows. Their first question is always “Can they be fully removed?”. It’s always an unknown! Cosmetic tattoo ink is composed of all different oxides and ions, so it’s really important that we conduct a test patch on the area. In rare cases, the ink can turn a green/blue colour and this may be permanent so we will not perform laser. To avoid all of this, make sure you do your research on where you’re going and who is performing your treatment.

I consulted with cosmetic tattooist Eli’se, who has over a decade of experience in the industry, asking her how do inexperienced or even untrained individuals set up salons? Shockingly, anyone can get their hands on cosmetic pigment and tattooing equipment. It’s so important to make sure your cosmetic tattooist is fully accredited, insured, certified, and trained. Don’t decide on who is going to touch your face by how many Instagram followers they have! Eli’se has been using German ink (pigment) for 10 + years seeing successful results from feathering or Ombre brows to cat-wing eyeliner. She is also now trying out different organic, Australian-based pigments and seeing wonderful results. Having been in the cosmetic tattooing industry for over a decade she has seen it all, too! Before cosmetic laser tattoo removal was possible, clients would come to her on the verge of tears. Their faces now permanently deformed due to untrained or inexperienced people performing cosmetic tattooing. It is our goal at Point Laser to ensure that this never happens! Whether you need your brows touched up or completely removed (or you don’t know who to go to on the Gold Coast for your treatments) we are here to help.

Find Eli’se @cosmetictattoo_specialist on Instagram.


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